Legal Aid

Fees may be covered by the Legal Aid scheme depending on the means and merit of the case.

Private Fees

 British citizenship applications  £250 plus VAT
 ILR application for family life in the UK  £800 plus VAT
 ILR application under partner and children   £800 plus VAT
 FLR further leave to remain applications  £500 plus VAT
 Travel documents  £300 plus VAT
 Spouse Visa Applications  £1000 plus VAT
 Visit visa applications  £350 plus VAT

Private Property matters

Family matters

Divorce petition for a standard divorce with no financial dispute  £500 plus VAT
Child contact will vary on each circumstance  £800 plus VAT
EEA application for leave to remain  £500 plus VAT
Permanent Residence  £700 plus VAT
Biometric application  £300 plus VAT

 PLEASE NOTE : These fees do not include court hearings or counsels fees

Private Road Traffic matters

Guilty Plea on hearing
 £250 plus VAT
Special Reason hearing / expruonals hardship hearing
 £500 plus VAT
Half day trial
 £500 plus VAT
1 day trial
 £1000 plus VAT


 PLEASE NOTE : These fees will depend upon individual circumstances